There’s something simultaneously soothing and stimulating about the carcass of an old car sitting static in a field. It’s like looking at past and potential at once. Or, just a nice old shape married to the landscape.

A farmer has a few classic cars waiting to be rescued. The model years are just a guess. He can get it to the nearest road, the rest is up to you. Hurry, before winter hits.

I ripped that almost verbatim off of this, this and this Craigslist posting because as far as I’m concerned it’s a piece of poetry.

We’ve all seen every iteration of “manly-man Jeep” and overly dramatic copy in Craigslist ads, but I really appreciate the halcyon simplicity of what we could call the “Field Of Dreams” series, here.

I kind of wish the farmer would let these cars lie. But if they must be removed, here’s hoping they find a home someplace.



Hat Tip To DeeVee!