This Is The SCG 003C After It Crashed Into A Wall At 125 MPH

Yes, unfortunately Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus lost one car for this weekend when Maccinadue hit a wall at 200 km/h at the Kesselchen during practice yesterday. The good news is that everybody is fine as Jim’s safety measures worked perfectly.

The car was driven by Ken Dobson when the accident happened. The track was wet and dark by then, but the car worked fine up until it met the wall at 125mph. We might have to blame the lack of Jalopnik stickers on the yellow car.


The front of the SCG 003C absorbed so much energy that even the gorilla glass windshield survived the impact without a crack. The problem is that the tub was damaged right where the suspension joints are, and while it could be fixed even in such a short time, the car wouldn’t be safe enough anymore.

Owner Chris Ruud will rebuild her and keep racing later on, but for now, Audi has seven R8s to win this race while James Glickenhaus has one.


Still, that’s quite a car backed by a very passionate team of fantastic individuals. Start crossing your fingers anyway.

I’m a very sad panda to see Macchinadue fall this early, but hey, this is racing, and it’s only starting now!


Also, Macchinauno just got a new sticker that should bring even more luck!


Photo credit: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and Rober Stokes/RWS Motorsport


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