Violence and looting has raged across London and spread to three other major British cities, as authorities struggle to contain the country's most serious unrest since race riots set the capital ablaze in the 1980s. And yes, that's a double-decker bus on fire.

Except those were race riots and seemed to have, you know, a reason to have happened. We're still not even entirely sure why they're rioting in London right now. We just know they're destroying a lot of cars.


Two police cars and a double-decker bus were set alight, stores were looted and several buildings along Tottenham's main street — 2.5 miles from the site of the 2012 Olympics — were reduced to smoldering shells.

In , looting and police officers being pelted with bottles and fireworks, as groups of young people rampaged through neighborhoods.

But for god's sake, can we stop with the burning of the double-decker buses?

All we know is — although this picture scares the hell out of us — with London well into the third straight night of disorder, we're not done yet. So this might be the scariest picture so far — the night's not over yet.


Photo Credit: TwitPic

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