Vauxhall Motors has launched a limited edition book and microsite titled Vauxhall and I to celebrate their 110th anniversary. Morrissey had nothing to do with this one. Instead, it's a massive slice of Britain's cultural history from a unique point of view.

Written by Richard Benson after studying the historical records of the company's factories for over a year, the book "contains personal stories from people who have loved and driven the cars since 1903, including Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Bob Marley and the British public. Also included is a range of rare interviews and information from deep within the Vauxhall archives."

While I really don't care what Naomi Campbell had to say about Vauxhalls, another big thumbs up goes to Her Majesty for mastering that Vauxhall Cresta in 1968 with Prince Andrew in Windsor Great Park.


Photo credit: Vauxhall Motors