This is the new Guinness record for tightest parallel parking

German Ronny "C-Rock" Wechselberger made parallel parking history earlier this year when he flipped his Volkswagen Polo into a spot approximately 26 centimeters (10.24 inches) longer than his car without crashing. It beat the old record by just one centimeter.

The move wasn't made with advanced geometry, but instead with the use of a handbrake and a little maneuver we like to call the J-turn. Though the record was broken in April the folks at Guinness just released the video today.

It's quite the impressive bit of precision driving until you find out that the new record was likely broken six months later by a driver in China who goes by the name Zhang Hua who apparently did it in just 24 centimeters.

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Eh. C'mon. I think this record should require you getting into AND out of the spot. The would do away with this tom-foolery.

Oh, and "C-rock"?....really? Sounds like a crock to me!