Let's establish some facts on the ground first: I have never been to Australia. I do not know if it has its own version of Reno 911. And I had to ask our resident Australian, Andrew Collins, what a "bogan" was. But the end result of this video is all of those things, and it is hysterical.


The poor Australian police officer on what looks to be that country's equivalent of COPS (just with more 'roo!), pulled a couple over for the most minor of minor driving offenses: a taillight was out.

In Australia, as in most parts of the world, that isn't really considered a crime. Just more of a "hey, you guys, your taillight is out," from the cop, and you say "oh gosh sorry officer I had no idea" even though you did have an idea, and the cops knows that, and you know that, and everyone knows that, but he's just doing his job, and after all is said and done everyone carries on their merry way.


Easy peasy.

I have no idea what, then, spurred the Bogan couple to both start with the most hilarious tantrum to make it to these shores. It's just an explosive session of verbal diarrhea, and everyone present is powerless to stop it. They get so angry, in fact, that the cop ends up giving them a ticket for offensive language, which is apparently a crime down there.

Notable Highlights Include!

- The male Bogan loudly and and shrilly exclaiming WHAT!

- The male Bogan apparently volunteering to solve the problem at the police station, for no reason


- The cop removing the keys from the ignition, in the smoothest ninja move of law enforcement the world has ever seen

- A disagreement over what part of the UV spectrum constitutes the color "red"

- An appearance from the female Bogan, proudly sporting what looks to be a glorious mullet


- Various middle fingers and other appendages being shown to the World's Most Patient Cop (remember, this is about a broken taillight)


- "I don't care what he calls me, you know, he doesn't know me. He's just having a crack at the uniform. So be it. We get over that. But there's no need to be doing that."


- "UP YOURS!!!!!"

- "Have a nice day."

I want to go to Australia.

Note: Andrew Collins is not actually Australian. He did visit once, though, so that's cool.

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