Illustration for article titled This is the Lexus Detroit Auto Show concept from the inside

We've already seen the swoopy headlight and air intake of a Lexus concept set to be unveiled at next month's Detroit Auto Show. Now, we've got a partial look at its interior.


Checking out that DLO (daylight opening) — yeah, that's the window — it's pretty obvious the concept, cooked up at Toyota's Newport Beach design studio "Calty," will be a coupe. Lexus says it's just a show car, not a future model, but hints at a "new contemporary, upscale and uniquely Lexus design direction."


Good news. It seems likely the concept will continue furthering Lexus' latest "razor's edge," (aka "origami school") design language introduced with the LFA. And that's a good thing for future Lexus products, considering the land-locked submarines the company currently produces en masse.

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