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Yesterday we showed you a few shots of Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand's amazing Ford Mustang made entirely out of paper. Now we've seen it in person. Here's some more photos of the car so far.


To recap: A few years ago, Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand sold a 1969 Ford Mustang he rebuilt with his father to pay for an engagement ring. In his latest work, entitled "One Piece at a Time," he's getting it back by reconstructing that Mustang, piece by piece, at 1:1 scale.


Except he's rebuilding it from scratch with a very unlikely medium. Paper.

Yes, that's right — this Mustang is built out of nothing but paper.

And while yesterday all we had were a few detail shots, now we've got — thanks to our great intern Raphael Orlove — this amazing gallery of the still-incomplete-but-still-totally-awesome paper Mustang.

It's amazing taking a look at some of the details — like the keyhole on the door or the interior of the backseat — it just looks so amazingly lifelike. What do you think?

I think that I can't wait until it's complete.

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