When the shit hits the fan, I've got a few big-ticket items I'm stealing post haste. One of them is a ZERO kit and the other is the baddest survival RV of them all, the EarthRoamer. Now I've got a third thing to add to the pillaging list.

It's called the Honda Bulldog, and its squat stance and flat nose live up to the name of everyone's favorite horribly inbred canine (Full Disclosure: My family has had three of them).


It's not a crazy trail machine or a full-on adventure bike, but instead a Ruckus that's been kitted out with 15-inch knobby tires, a 28-inch seat that can ride two-up, and the 400cc parallel-twin pulled from the CB400F. There's integrated luggage stuffed between the enlarged fuel tank, and the crash guards and fenders mean business.

Unfortunately, to get it I'll have to break into Honda's R&D studio since it's just a concept, but if things go south while it's on the stand at the Tokyo Motorcycle show, you'll know where to find me.

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