This Is The Best Way To Survive The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

Ford GT driver Harry Tincknell just one-upped even the 24 Hours of Le Mans watch parties with the best snacks by stripping down to his nomex undies and hopping into a kiddie pool earlier in the race. This is how I’d want to enjoy Le Mans. You win, man. Regardless of how the race plays out, you win.

It’s only in the upper 80s (Fahrenheit) at Le Mans, but it’s also usually pretty muggy there. So, if you just came out of a car, I get it.

Le Mans race cars are mostly air conditioned (surprising exemption: the leading Toyota TS050), but it’s nowhere near like the ice-cold winter storm that blasts your face inside your mom’s Cadillac. Race-car air conditioning is just enough to alleviate a bit of sweat inside the rolling sauna that is a GT car, and it’s there more for drivers’ survival as opposed to comfort.


So, the smart thing to do is to seek comfort once you’re out of the car, as Tincknell brilliantly demonstrates here.

I don’t know what’s the more genius paddock feature: this or Nissan’s giant tube slide of 2015. On one hand, that tube slide was perfect for waking yourself up late in the night. But this kiddie pool looks delightfully cool on a warm day, and has little duckies in it. Those duckies look convincing.

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