This Is The Beautiful Way All Drivers Should React After A Crash

One of the sad facts of motor racing is that when one person crashes another out, someone tends to want to fight about it. Which is what makes this crash in Australian V8 Supercars so wonderful. No one fights, they just help.


Like people.

Warren Luff and Craig Lowndes were pushing their cars as hard as they could go, even though it was only a practice session for the Bathurst 1000, when Luff lost control. Even though he was behind Lowndes, he just couldn't scrub off speed fast enough going through the corner, and ended up smashing into Lowndes from behind before ending up inverted in his own car.


Instead of Lowndes being all passed off and going into super-ragey Hulk mode, he went to go take care of his fellow driver. He made sure he wasn't injured, he made sure he could get out of the car under his own power, and in the end, they shared a hug.


Yeah, I know racing is important, but no competition is life-or-death if it doesn't have to be. Lowndes and Luff look like they know that, and goddamn is it appreciated.


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