This Is NOT How To Install A Hitch

Forum member "Offroad250" over at Truckblog spotted this fine example of redneck engineering. Instead of mounting his hitch in a truck bed, this rocket-scientist installed it to the tailgate of his S-10 Blazer. Updates below

Unfortunately we don't have larger images so that we may dissect the carefully thought-out details, but from what we have it's clearly evident the engineer behind this project went through at least one, no, two cases of beer before and during the installation. You can see the install isn't just on the tailgate, because that would be silly. Instead, the mounting brackets span the tailgate and mount onto the rear load floor. We can also see the installer took the time to beef up the system with what appears to be chain from a child's swing to back up the tailgate cable. Yessir, that there is a fine example of backyard ingenuity.


Update: We just got a full set of images sent to us and this mechanical marvel is even more spectacular than we originally thought. There appears to be a piece of 4x4 lumber mounted to the old hitch to reinforce the tailgate even more than the swing set chain already did. Brilliant. (Thanks for the shots Don)



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