Remember the guy who swapped an old phone for a Porsche? Well, this is another shining example of marvellous business talent involving phones and Porsches: I give you the Panamera key shaped mobile straight from China!

Thanks to Jason and his son, we all know that Porsche's four-door whale comes with a wireless key hidden into a toy version of the car. Nice, but can you call your friends with it? Not at all. So it is rubbish. No worries though, the Chinese fixed that for you without ever being asked to.


Just like the iPhone 4 from next door, the Panamera phone is packed with technology. Not only does it come with Bluetooth, mp3 ringtones and full frame video playback on that vivid 1.2 inch display, but can also handle gifs and SD cards up to 8 gigabytes. That's a lot of music for your entertainment while riding on a bus. Language options include among others English, Portuguese, Russian and for some reason, Hungarian as well, which is a clear sign for me to do some impulse shopping.

When the guys from BMW gave me a flash drive shaped like a BMW key (instead of the new M5 for half an hour, bastards!), my first thought was that it would be an interesting experiment to head town to some dodgy club and show it off casually put at the bar. After all, some girls who are really into BMW owners are also pretty easy to fool.


Well, this baby is better. The keychain looks legit from a distance, it says Porsche Guy instead of Possible 1-Series Entry Level Guy, and you can always turn it into a joke by playing classical MIDI-tunes if the original plan doesn't work out for some reason. And writing up her phone number has never been this easy. At $115, it not exactly a bargain, so you might want to go for the more reasonable 918 version...

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