This Is Just 22 Minutes Of Turbo Truck Drag Racing

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

As somebody who grew up in Europe, I don’t know much about drag racing, and even less about crazy dragster trucks. Yet I just couldn’t stop watching these beasts go fast in a straight line one after another.

Why build the world’s fastest twin-turbo LS-powered truck when you could also end up with an awesome car like the Crusher Camaro?


America loves its trucks, that’s why.

All those people who buy them don’t necessarily need such a large vehicle, some of those trucks aren’t practical at all, but boy can they all be turned into a 7 second rubber slushing power trip!

Yes, they can.

Remember: There’s no shame in imagining that you’re on fire, being afraid of cougars or having two first names, and two first names only.


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I think that Gif was enough for my fill on turbo truck drag racing fill.