The Hyundai PassoCorto concept will likely never be made, but the design study of a Korean Alfa Romeo 4C-fighter is a pretty little pipe dream. And surprisingly for a lot of concepts, it looks a lot better in person, as you can see in this video surreptitiously shot behind the scenes at Geneva.


Contrary to the oddly-lit photos that first showed off the concept, you can see that the IED-designed PassoCorto is rather nicely proportioned, and it looks like it would be a nimble little runabout to carve up the mountains around Pyeongchang. The creases actually flow into each other pretty smoothly, making for a balanced form.

BUT OH MY GOD THOSE EXHAUSTS. If the Porsche 918 makes every car have top-mounted exhausts, then it should go down as one of the greatest cars in history (if it won't already). Top mounted exhausts are the best innovation to come out of Porsche since the company first made a Porsche.

Too bad it'll almost certainly never see the light of a day as a production car, owing to the fact that Hyundai clearly didn't even bother fitting an interior, and that rear bumper would probably just stab you in the face if you hit it from behind.

But as a piece of rolling art, I want one. I could put a frame around it, and everything.

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