This Is How You Pack A Lamborghini Aventador Into A Plane

If you buy an Audi it's probably coming over in a boat. If you buy a Lamborghini Aventador it's coming over in a cargo plane. Here's what it looks like packed up for transport.


This particular Lambo was spotted in Dubai, after just having come off of a plane. Apparently, there was a yellow Aventador nearby. Oh Dubai, you never disappoint when it comes to ostentatious stunning displays of wealth.

The pallet this car is strapped onto looks a bit funky though, and we don't particularly like how the loaders strapped it down using its wheels (wouldn't it be better to put hooks on some part of the suspension, just in case the plane hit turbulence?).

Seeing an Aventador strapped to a platform like this one makes us dream of watching one shoved out of a C-130 and parachuting to the ground. But to do that, they'd need to get a 463L master pallet. Anyone have one laying around?

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