This Is How You Incinerate Old Tires In A 500 Horsepower Monte Carlo

And now, a public service announcement on the proper disposal of old tires.

If your tires are bald, they shouldn’t be on your car, or anyone else’s. For safety reasons, you must ensure their destruction by proceeding to your nearest 500 horsepower Chevy Monte Carlo owner and asking him or her to kindly annihilate them with smoky burnouts and drifts.


From the video description:

Had to get rid of some old tires so.....what better way then incinerating them? 500hp Magnacharged Ls1, th400 rebuild by me, and a ford 9” 3.50 gears. Tires were some OLD 14’ steelies of the stock tire size for the car...but it turns over my 275/60/15 ET streets almost as easily.

Take care of your tires. It’s important.


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