I know this might be hard to believe, but not everyone is a huge gearhead. Shocking, I know. Take graphic artist Michael Buntyn, for example. He needs a new car, but isn't sure what to buy. That's where Car Matchmaker steps in.

Tonight is the premiere of Car Matchmaker on the Esquire Network, which is hosted by comedy writer, gearhead, and friend of Jalopnik Spike Feresten. The show's goal is to match someone who might not be all that car obsessed with the ride that is perfect for them.

And unlike a lot of the TV shows out there that follow a guy and a garage ("You have a garage and you like cars? Why the shit don't you have a show??" - Reality Show Producer), Car Matchmaker is actually funny and fun to watch. It might not be the gearheadiest of shows, but that's fine. A big part of growing car culture is to get more people, non-car people, involved. That's the goal of this show.

In this episode, Spike helps graphic artist Michael Buntyn find a car that can both carry his artwork and express his individual style. The first two cars, a Camaro and Scion xB, don't tick all the boxes. But the third car, well that ticks every single box.

Two words: Darth Buick.

You can catch Car Matchmaker tonight at 9 and 9:30 EST on The Esquire Network.