This Is How You Create An Epic Drift Video

It's simple. First, learn the Kiwi accent. Second, convince a certain Austrian energy drink mogul to give you tons of money for a crazy drift car, lots of tires and lots of expensive cameras. And that's it. It's just two easy steps.


Mad Mike ticked both of those boxes and produced this epic drift video. Here's how they did it.

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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Is backfire not indicative of engine problems?

To clarify: an engine that is running optimally (or anywhere near optimally) will not launch flames out of its tailpipe. Is that not correct?

I see backfire a lot in high-horsepower applications it seems, but I'm not sure why A) it couldn't be avoided by achieving a proper air/fuel ratio or B) would be beneficial at all.

Or am I way off base with this? Apparently my car has been known to shoot a flame or two, but my engine isn't running particularly well at the moment, so I kind of chalked it up to that...