This Is How You Assemble One Of Those Massive Dump Trucks

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Funny story, about those absolutely enormous dump trucks miners use. They are so absolutely, monumentally, gigonormously enormous, you can’t exactly just build one and then drive it over to the job site. You actually have to build one, ship it in pieces, and then assemble it once you get there. This is what that looks like.

Popular Mechanics pointed this video out today, and I’m so, so glad they did. These big dumpers are so large, they actually start to mess with your head a bit. I mean, here they are, actual trucks, except they’re so big they have stairs on the outside. A Caterpillar 797 like this one can carry 400 tons in the back, or the equivalent of a little over 266 Honda Civics.

Maybe that “little over” includes the people inside of the 266 Honda Civics, or something.

Anyways, they’re huge. And you put one together with a crane. Which you can’t say for a lot of land vehicles.


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