If there's one word I could use to describe nomex suits, it'd be "awkward." You're wearing a fireproof quilt, for Pete's sake. You ain't gonna look like Fabio. So, if you're looking to grab attention in such an item, you must make silly poses in it.

As any grandma worth her salt could tell you, quilts tend to be fluffy and lumpy. They're warm and cozy because they're a big, puffy mass. None of these qualities are particularly flattering to anyone's frame.

I'm absolutely convinced that the Snuggie people are going to look to Sparco and the like for their next innovation in lazy-people-wear.

"Fits like pajamas! Feels like a cozy blanket! Comes with convenient arm-holes and feet-holes so you won't have cold arms while channel surfing or trip all over your blankie en route to the fridge. Now available in every color guaranteed to show engine failure droppings!"

Even if you're wearing a nomex quilt that's been tailored into somewhat of a person shape, it's still going to look rather ridiculous no matter what you do. Consequently, every ad I've seen where the model is trying to strike a serious pose looks a bit bizarre. As in, "Dude, do you realize that you're wearing a quilt?"


Instead, all the race gear stores in existence should be taking a cue from jml8785 on Rennlist, who modeled his fluffy-by-definition racecar wear in appropriately silly fashion.

I can't explain it, but I'm more inclined to buy whatever it is that he's selling. The only way this ad could possibly be more convincing would be if there were a couple huge explosions photoshopped in the background or a live yak somewhere. Because raceyak.


(H/T Rennlist.)