This Is How The Number 63 Corvette's Le Mans Weekend Ends

Corvette Racing was devastated to pull an entry from Le Mans for the first time ever, but given the smack in this video of the number 63 car eating the wall outside the Porsche Curves, it’s not hard to see why.

Fortunately, per Sportscar365, driver Jan Magnussen was awake and alert when marshals reached him, but had to have marshals help extract him from the car. He was released from the on-site medical center shortly after the crash, however, the second qualfying session had to be cut short because of the lengthy cleanup.


Corvette Racing doesn’t have a spare chassis with them, so unfortunately, the number 63 entry of Magnussen, Antonio Garcia and Ryan Briscoe had to be withdrawn. They still have the number 64 car in the race, though, in the competent hands of Oliver Gavin, Jordan Taylor and Tommy Milner.

Update: Per Racer, the throttle was stuck open after debris got stuck in the throttle return linkage, which caused he accident.

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