This Is How Singer Makes The Best 911s In The World

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You've heard quite a lot about California's Singer Vehicle Design already, but the story of the world's best classic 911s is a bit more complex than we thought. And it's full of rock n' roll, as the latest XCAR video shows us.

The Dickinsons must be an interesting family. While Bruce wants you to bring your daughter to the slaughter and flies a Jumbo Jet used as a tour bus, his cousin Rob left his car design course to start his own band The Catherine Wheel before becoming the guy who will unquestionably write a new chapter in all the air-cooled 911 bibles. He is halfway there already.

When I asked you recently who makes the best re-imagined 911s money can buy today, you basically ignored PS and Autoaktiv Motorsport, went straight for Singer despite the price difference and also mentioned RWB, which is fair enough, although I consider Nakai-san to be on a different path. Magnus Walker's creations are also very cool, but he is collector and won't sell you a car.


Nor will Rob for that matter. He will instead rebuild you existing 964 with carbon fiber panels, a re-enforced chassis, a Cosworth engine up to 4 liters and 390 hp and better everything using only the finest materials available.


That's why it takes his team 4,000 hours to complete a Singer Porsche.

Is Porsche proud of his work back in Stuttgart? I bet they are. I haven't heard a complaint from Norbert Singer for using his name, and when it comes to Butzi's legacy, he was all about pure design. He would party with these guys all day long.