This Is Happening On Pikes Peak Right Now

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This was the cockpit of Bill Caswell's $500 Craigslist rally car yesterday morning. After nearly killing himself in Mexico, Caswell decided, apropos of nothing, to enter the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. Godspeed, Billy boy! Don't fall off the hill!


There's more Bill Caswell to come this week, including an update on his travels (talks with Hollywood producers! Shot down by BMW of North America! Sponsorship deals!) and the long-awaited reveal of the Design a T-Shirt, Get a Ride in a Rally Car contest winner. For now, you can follow his antics, including the Pike's Peak trip, on Facebook. Go get 'em, Bill!



I can be Stig?

It's guys like this, and Jim Thwaite of Misfit Toys/Wartbug fame, that make me proud to be a Jalop. Completing a rally AND doing Pike's Peak in a $500 e30? Jalop. Building a Subie/VW/Wartburg and driving it 17 hours on an untested engine to meet up with the Babe Rally in Alabama? Jalop.

Putting yourself in debt up to your eyeballs driving cross-county in a Gallardo because your girlfriend left you? Decidedly un-Jalop.