This is Gerry McGovern. Trust in him, always. He stands proudly before his Land Rover DC100 Concept in 2011. You didn’t believe in him, you thought this was a dream that would never be realized. But eight years later at the same auto show, he gave us the new Defender. And it’s even better.


Mack Hogan is Jalopnik's Weekend Editor, but you may know him from his role as CNBC's car critic or his brave (and maligned) takes on Twitter. Most people agree that you shouldn't listen to him.

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Praise him for what? Designing an overly complicated and expensive 4wd? With extremely questionable reliability? The only one praising him will be the board members of Land Rover when these things sell all over Hollywood to the elite. Decked it’s a $90K SUV? Give me an ICON Bronco please.