There has been a lot of debate recently over the future of Formula One cars. More power, better designs, and faster speeds all factor in, but so far there hasn't been much to show for all the talk of improvements. Ferrari wants to change that, and they come up with this crazy gorgeous beast.

Oh, and the Italians claim it'll fit within current regulations, too.


The problems with current F1 cars aren't exactly secret. The cars of the past few years have been a tad bit horrifically ugly, with their bizarre-looking schlong-and-thumb probosci, making them more like wheeled insects than actual vehicles. Add on the fact that they've reportedly become so easy to drive that a 17-year-old could reach the pinnacle of motorsport before he can legally buy cigarettes, and the issues begin to mount.

While most manufacturers are content to let forum Photoshop wizards navel gaze to their hearts' content and dream up their own ideas for what a properly pretty F1 car is, Ferrari is different. Ferrari took one look at all those Photoshops, took one look at itself in the mirror, realized that yes, its own self was the maker of some of the prettiest F1 cars of all time, and decided it could do better.

The result from Maranello's own designers has got a double wing up front, shark gills on the sides, and a low and wide wing out back. Because it wouldn't be a modern Ferrari without deliciously smooth, almost liquid-looking bodywork covering everything else, it's got some of that, too.


And damn does it look good.

Just a few questions, however. First and foremost, of course, is when the hell can we get this off the drawing board and off the track? And secondly (correct me if this is absolutely absurd for Some Guy on the Internet to be questioning the Infinite Wisdom Of Sporting Regulations That Resides In The Brains Of Ferrari F1 Designers), but does this really fit into current F1 technical regulations, what with the double front wing and the back wing and the low-profile tires, which, yes, have been tested, but haven't been adopted, and the louvres surround the wheels, and the non-thumb nose, and the driver's helmet which appears to have melted into head rest behind it?


Actually, forget it. Ferrari, just make this happen.

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