This Is Everything Wrong With The Fast And The Furious

As America gathers once again to indulge in a new film that purports to be both fast and furious, if not explicitly so in name, let us first reflect on one of the all-time greats: The Fast and the Furious. The first one.


I'll always have a soft spot for this movie. It came out right around the time I got a driver's license and was really getting into cars as an unhealthy obsession, so I felt like it spoke to me. Despite its ridiculousness, it's always been a movie for us, you know? A movie for gearheads, for people who love engines and speed. It's also given us like a billion memes to use on the Internet, so I'm also glad it exists for that reason.

But The Fast and the Furious is not a perfect movie. Highly entertaining, sure, but far from perfect. And in the latest video from CinemaSins, we get to see all the things wrong with the movie in one clip. One ten minute clip. They had a lot to work with.

I just can't believe "DANGER TO MANIFOLD" isn't on here, because that's my favorite warning light in the history of warning lights.


I always assumed that the "race wars," wasn't illegal, just a rented airstrip, where they held drag races. And I think the biggest one that always bothers me is why does the eclipse have a bolted on, diamond plate passenger floor, that suddenly flies off when he blows up the engine?