This Is Chinese President Hu Jintao's Crazy Official Limo

Illustration for article titled This Is Chinese President Hu Jintaos Crazy Official Limo

This FAW Limousine we spotted here in Beijing is Chinese President Hu Jintao's official car. It's part rip-off Rolls Royce Phantom, part copied Cadillac, and a healthy dollop of wacky retro-futurism. Hold onto your butts, this faux Cadillac One's strange.


China's about 50 years behind the U.S. in some respects and 100 years behind in others. So, if you think about it, the retro-futurism mixed with blatantly ripped-off styling makes a lot of sense as the car for China's President to be driven around in.

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Jonathan Harper

I see Phantom in the rear quarter.

So much Phantom.