While we won't go into the reasons why we were up wee hours of the early nineties adjusting a tinfoil antenna on a black and white TV watching The Last Chase, we will say this cinematic gem made a lasting impression. Even over a decade later no one believes us when we start rambling on about a movie starring Lee Majors, Burgess Meredith, a Porsche, and an F-86 Sabre jet. Lee Majors plays Franklin Hart, a former racecar driver forced to work for the new government in which driving is a crime. Hart bugs out, fires up his old Porsche, and makes a run for it to the one place that people still drive - California. The shadowy Boston-based government then sends out Burgess Meredith in a jet to catch the rouge racer. There were also lasers and exploding cactus. No, really - it's an actual movie.

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