Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, AKA DTM, AKA German Touring Masters, AKA German touring car racing, is huge in Germany. Really huge. Which is why when BMW designs a race car for the new season, they pull out all the stops. This is the new BMW M4 DTM.

Looking like a regular BMW M4 dropped onto its haunches, and plastered with traditional BMW colors and seemingly randomly-littered sponsor messages, the M4 DTM is BMW's newest entrant into the crucible that is German touring car racing.


BMW took the last constructors championship, with its 2013 BMW M3 DTM winning five races, so the new M4's got some shoes to fill. In pursuit of that, the roofline is super-crazy low, and the side mirrors are less mounted on stalks than they are mounted on little wings, which not only provide additional downforce on their own, but also direct airflow to the big wing out back.

All in, it makes the car look ugly, but in a good way. Like it was designed to punch you in the face, and nothing else.


The interior is your standard DTM stripped-out affair, but I absolutely love that weird excuse for a steering wheel. Let's all be honest here – it's not so much a wheel as it is a control stalk for a spaceship.


I hereby call for a campaign to get that weird wheel-thing installed in all vehicles, BMW or not. Because that is just better.


The car should debut in the flesh at the end of the month. We'll be waiting.

Photo credit: BMW

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