This is Audi's lighter R8 GT Spyder

Remember the Audi R8 GT, the lighter, faster version of the gentleman's supercar? It seems Audi's building one that's nearly the same, only sans top. Sans is French for "nope, doesn't have one."


Of course, the Spyder probably won't be up for competitive GT racing, which certainly frowns on droptops somewhat, but it will get weight-saving appointments similar to those on the coupe: carbon-fiber front splitter, bumper winglets, rear diffuser and wing and matte titanium grille. No word on how much weight will be saved on the Spyder, but the GT coupe is around 200 pounds lighter than the base R8.

Like the coupe, the Spyder's 5.2-liter V10 will produce 553 hp and 398 lb-ft. The Spyder, like the coupe, will likely get a more robust version of Audi's six-speed R-tronic robo-manual, and viscous coupling for a 15 percent front/85 percent rear torque split.

Audi will reportedly supply a mere 333 units of the R8 Spyder GT to the buying public, who may or may not be aware that the year 333 AD was known as the Year of the Consulship of Dalmatius and Zenophilus. Coincidence?

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