This Is As Close As You're Going To Get To Driving An F1 Car At Goodwood

As it stands, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is very much a spectator event. At least, for the main event of storming up Lord March’s driveway. But what if you could do it yourself, and, in a Formula One car? Williams had the same thought, and strapped a GoPro right to the visor of the guy driving an FW13B.

Yes, that FW13B, one of the fastest cars of the early 1990s in F1. And “the guy driving an FW13B” in this case is development driver Alex Lynn. Presumably because Felipe Massa was having lunch, or something.


Even with the understanding that Lynn is likely driving a 25-year old F1 car at an exhibition event at what must be a quarter the speed the car is fully capable of, everything still seems to be moving way too fast. The corners are blind, bales of hay serve as your only crash barrier, and the driveway itself is incredibly narrow.

But it looks like fun.

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