This is a Nissan GT-R burning to the ground

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A group of Malaysian car enthusiasts were on the prowl when a new R35 Nissan GT-R crashed into a Golf GTI, causing moderate damage to the Volkswagen but leaving poor Godzilla a burning, exploded mess on the ground.

It's an amazing photo of a GT-R stripped by fire to its shell, but for car enthusiasts it's like a peek through hell's keyhole.

There are two theories for what happened in this crash. The first is that the cars were in separate driving groups and crashed into each other, causing the GT-R to hit the side of the road. Hot exhaust hitting the leaves on the ground set the whole thing ablaze. The second theory is the GTI rear-ended the GT-R, causing it to fly off into the grass.

Neither report indicates injuries to either driver, but photos and video posted to Zerotohundred show the car wasn't so lucky. Here's a hint, though, don't drive in the direction of cars on fire. Their tires tend to explode.


(Hat tip to Zareth!)

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The Nissan marketing department was quick to point out that the GT-R also burns faster than a Ferrari.