This insane F1 model gallery is located in one man's home

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While some men simply can't handle a post-divorce burst of liberty, one spent nine years turning his Brazilian home into this: The ultimate expression of Formula 1 fandom, including display cases for 500 F1 model cars.

The owner, who goes by the name mtrspeed on the Formula 1 Models forum, didn't just put display cases everywhere. Many of the house's light fixtures and tables feature used wheels or tires from F1 car. The floors all share the same checkered-flag pattern, as do his bedroom sheets.

Mr. Mtrspeed says his collection includes more than 1,400 kits, of which about 500 have been assembled by him and a friend, and more in progress. He also built a massive library of F1-related books and magazines, mainly to ensure that the models are as accurate as possible.


What brought this massive decorating project about? A divorce nine years ago — for reasons the owner says had nothing to do with his passion for F1 cars. I can't imagine why anyone would question this set of priorities. Thanks Bob!


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