The StuntFreaksTeam guys from Finland are absolute mayhem on wheels. The only time they’re willing to ride with any of that whole “traction” thing is when they’re up on one wheel. Start your Monday off right, by wishing your week was over so you could go ride.

Burnouts, donuts, drifting, wheelies, stoppies, crashes, bunny hops, you name it and this video has it in spades. Every time I thought I’d seen the best moment of the video, the following seemed to trump it. It wasn’t until the third watch that I noticed the guy watching his friends pass at 1:10 was actually doing a burnout.


And then there’s that bunny hop into a wheelie. And the wall tap. And the standing burnout.

I’d never heard of the StuntFreaksTeam until today and, after taking a peek at their video library, I’m terrified of how much time I’m going to lose to their videos. How do we feel about a regular “StuntFreaksTeam Video Of The Week” article?

Thanks for the tip, Robin!

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