By most accounts, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is not a very nice fellow, having killed some 25,000 people since uprisings began in his country during the Arab Spring.

But al-Assad is up against a very determined group of rebels who have diminished his strength and are closing in on his capital at this very moment.

Being outgunned by a malevolent dictator means you have to get creative if you want to win. That's exactly what the rebels have done here by building themselves a homemade tank. As we can see in this video from Russia Today, the tank is built from a car chassis and features makeshift iron armor, a TV screen for viewing outside the tank, and a turret controlled by what looks like a Playstation controller inside. It's quite mobile, too!

I don't envy you, Mr. al-Assad. Homemade tanks don't just spring up overnight. You must have really pissed your people off.


What's your favorite homemade piece of military hardware?

Hat tip to Creative Accidents!