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If you needed any proof that the 1990s were not the "design decade," cast an eyeball, carefully, on Ford's F-350 Powerstroke concept, now for sale on eBay. Back in 1994, this truck introduced Ford's Power Stroke diesel engine. Now it should probably be killed by compression.


As the seller states plainly, "This is a promotional truck, built by Ford, NEVER intended for use on a public roadway. It is sold on a 'Bill of Sale.' You will be required to sign a legal document regarding this prior to the Power Stroke leaving our property." That means you likely won't be able to take take it on any "do you smoke?" video shoots with your Tap Out buddies. Dude, that suuuuuuuucks!

Note to buyers. You may have even taken the Powerstroke for a test drive already, since it's featured in Ford Racing 2 Time Attack. In that case, don't bother with the caveat, and just emptor away!


(Thanks to Brian B for the tip!)

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