This Has To Be Confirmation Tesla's 'D' Is An AWD Model S

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The world has been wondering what Elon Musk meant when he teased us with the "D" earlier this week. Would the "D" be some kind of special new Tesla, or an improvement on existing car? We anticipated it meant an all-wheel drive Model S, and now we have what seems to be confirmation of that.


This tweet comes to us from Edmunds editor Mike Magrath, who located a model guide to the Paris Motor Show that indicates there was supposed to be an all-wheel drive Model S there. The car apparently didn't make it in time, but this could confirm that the "D" refers to a Model S with power going to all four wheels.

The "D" is suspected to refer to a dual motor system, similar to the one on the upcoming Model X crossover, which would send power to the front wheels as well as the rear ones like on a normal Tesla. And Tesla themselves have confirmed that an all-wheel drive Model S is coming next year.

It's looking like this really is it, and an all-wheel drive Model S is certainly a compelling proposition. Who here wants the "D"?


Steve Zissou

Elon's PR skills are impressive.

1.) Announce and confirm you will make an awd Tesla next year.

2.) Tease an image of something "new" and call it the D.

3.) Get THREE articles on Jalopnik (and I'm sure equal coverage elsewhere) in a 24 hour period based on said thing that you already announced but are now teasing.

4.) Profit ?

And why...because it's Tesla? Because of all the possible "wanting the D" jokes? Because it's a slow news day? So much writing about non-news...and I'm reading all of it!