This Hacked-Up Off-Road Buggy Is The Greatest BMW X5 Of All Time

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The BMW X5! Scourge of school drop-off zones! Bimmer’s big behemoth! A true German luxury crossover if there ever was one. It’s just about the last vehicle you’d expect to get sawzalled apart into a crazy open-top off-road mud buggy, but this exists and it rules hard.

The mad scientists at AcademeG took this badly beaten BMW that looks like it came straight from a crime scene and made all of my currywurst-addled dreams of big luxo-crossover off-roadin’ happen—and then some.

In place of its roof goes a few roll hoops for rigidity’s sake, and big off-road tires are shoved into the sawzalled-out wheel wells. The end result looks like a blast. Ripping the bumper off at the end only adds to its cred.

Depreciation on these big bois is the stuff of ill-advised dreams, so please: do try this at home.

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I’m no cage expert, but that doesn’t look anywhere close to safe, or structurally rigid.