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T-Boned Russian Man T-Bones Other Driver's Face

If I’m ever in an accident, the first thing I do is make sure everyone involved is safe. This does not appear to be standard policy in Russia.


In Serpukhov, Russia, a gray late ‘80s or early ‘90s Volkswagen Passat apparently ran a stop sign and slammed into a Renault Kangoo van. Once the van came to a halt, one of its occupants sprinted to the Passat and started throwing haymakers at the driver’s face. Within seconds, a second guy from the van decided to get involved.

The Passat’s passenger then ran out to help, as did a random nearby BMW driver. The situation eventually calmed down, but only after the two angry guys from the van threw a car part at the VW driver and kicked the Passat’s fascia off the front of the car.


I’m not sure what happened to those two guys in the van to make them so angry. Maybe their dog died, or maybe they had just done a full restoration on their beloved Renault Kangoo. All I know is, that poor VW driver got the worst of it.

h/t: carscoops

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For the record, if I was T-boned by something so obvious and careless as someone running a stop sign, I’d absolutely want to beat someone’s face in as well. These guys are just living the dream.