Ever surf used car classifieds in your downtime, trolling around for your dream car or maybe just your latest obsession? I know I do. Joe Frazar is like that too, always hunting around for new opportunities to add something to his ever-rotating collection. And he has great taste.

In this great new video from the folks over at Petrolicious, we get to go inside Frazar's current lineup of vehicles. Today he has a 1987 Ferrari Mondial, a 1989 Ferrari 328, and one of my personal favorites, a very sweet-sounding Porsche 914.

But they aren't garage queens. Frazar seems to be the best kind of car collector there is, the one who works on his cars and drives the hell out of them because he loves how they make him feel. That's good because all of them sound pretty satisfying.

What's your favorite car from this video?