We know from the multitudes of complaints to the federal government that sometimes older GM pickup trucks catch fire. But what happens when a newer GM truck catches fire? What’s it like dealing with the company? We didn’t have an immolated truck to find out, but one reader did. And it wasn’t good.


Greg is a reader with a 2015 GMC Canyon that went completely up in flames about a week ago, and ever since he’s been trying to get in touch with GM over the incident. For what it’s worth, we reached out to GM on Greg’s behalf and got this response:

Safety is a priority for GMC, and we take all feedback seriously. We have not yet looked at the vehicle so we have no way to comment on what caused the fire.

Disappointing, I know, but that’s how it is for now. In the meantime, read Greg’s story below, and maybe keep that in mind next time you see a bit of orange and yellow and smoke billowing around you.

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