You fell asleep, and hit a pole. Your face is all messed up. You've got a broken arm. A broken femur. Two broken kneecaps. Two broken ankles. After the paramedics arrive, you know exactly what to do. Take a video selfie, and share the experience with the world.

In all fairness to Youtube user Andrew Mac, he seems to really be taking the whole thing in stride, through what must be an immense amount of pain after breaking a lot of really important bones. Not only does he whip out his camera, because hey, what else are you gonna do while you wait, he's making jokes with his rescuers and generally keeping his spirits up throughout the ordeal. So good on you, Andrew.

He later went on to post more information about what happened in the comments of the video:

I'm okay. On January 11th, 2015 I blacked out behind the wheel at 530 in the morning after a

night in Victoria, BC. Drove straight into a pole on the drivers side at 60km/h in Duncan, BC. Suffered a broken right arm. Broken left Femur. Broke both knee caps. And both ankles.

Went for major surgery in Victoria which took total 14 hours over a couple days. Metal plates and screws all over. Spent a month in hospital. Only 1 hot nurse :| But I'm home now. And recovering quickly!


Protip: if you feel like you might fall asleep while driving, pull over and get some sleep. Andrew's lucky he got out of this one with only a lot of major injuries.

H/t to James!