Gary was in the British Army for 22 years. God only knows what he was called upon to do during his more than two decades of service to Her Majesty, but evidently, it left him pretty shaken up.

When Gary arrived at a Mission Motorsports event eight months ago, organizers said he was scarcely able to talk with anyone; wound up tightly inside of his shell. But after driving him around a track a few times, they said Gary began to change.

Since then, Mission Motorsports — which hosts events for war veterans — has noticed a turnaround. Now, Gary races cars in both the U.K. and Europe, and got a job with Base Performance Simulators (although we're not exactly sure what he's doing there).

Sounds like race-therapy might be a pretty good tool for battling PTSD. We've reached out to Mission Motorsports to see if we can connect with Gary, so stay tuned.

Photo credit: Mission Motorsports via Facebook