There weren't that many Fiat Dinos built in the first place, but when you consider that there are three times as many Bertone coupés out there than Pininfarina spiders, this Fiat becomes truly special.

Enzo did not want anything with less than eight cylinders to wear the Ferrari badge. On the other hand, he wanted to go racing in Formula 2 with a V6 designed by his son on his deathbed. But he needed to build it in bigger numbers in order to homologate it, and he though of putting the Dino badge on the resulting road cars. Unfortunatelly for him, North American Ferrari dealers didn't support his idea, while Fiat insisted on building the engines for both the Ferrari and the Fiat variants.


Bummer for Enzo, especially since the Fiat is the superior automobile. A rare moment of automotive excellence.

Photo credit: Eddy Clio

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