This Ferrari 250 GTO Onboard Footage Might Teach You A Thing Or Two About Your Footwork

Gif: Robbert Alblas (YouTube)

This one’s for your foot freaks out there. Too often, an onboard lap at a track-only shows a driver’s hands, not what their feet are doing. How you operate a car’s pedals are just as important. Today’s video shows the footwork that goes into a quick lap as well.

Dutch professional racing driving Nicky Pastorelli recently hustled a Ferrari 250 GTO around Circuit Zandvoort in this YouTube video. Not only does the car sound incredible, but there was a camera mounted beneath his seat so you can see exactly how he worked the clutch, brakes and throttle.

But the video is also split-screen, so you can see the gear lever, the steering wheel and the way the track is headed, too. Watching it all work side-by-side is fascinating.

I’d be a little nervous to take such a valuable car out on a track, but then again, cars are meant to be driven. Take a look at the video for the fancy footwork. Stay for the good and raspy Ferrari noises.

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The thing I take away from these is how quickly they shift. I take my time to ensure a smooth shift, try and rev match in traffic, etc. But these guys just know exactly when to shift and do it. I need to get an older, slower car to practice clutch control at legal speeds