When you encounter a roadblock in the middle of the night, it's normally just cops doing some sort of routine check. When one of our readers found this roadblock, there definitely weren't any cops.

Ivan, the reader who shot the video, was driving his Subaru BRZ through New Jersey around midnight a few days ago, when he came across a random car that had blocked the road ahead with cones, as he told us in an email:

This felt like some kind of set up, he didn't have hazards or ANY lights on, and the fact that the road is blocked off is a huge red flag.

After he blocked me from proceeding he began to approach me at which point I saw him reach into his pockets so I drove off and called the police. But as you see, he was in my right of way, and at highway speeds serving those cones even with my BRZ would have caused damage.

This was not a way to get help.

"Not a way to get help" is putting it lightly. If you're genuinely in trouble, call AAA. If you don't have AAA, call a tow truck. If it's not a car-related emergency, call 911. But don't just set up a random-ass roadblock because you got a flat.

And who the hell is carrying random cones in their trunk?

This "roadblock" is shady as fuck, and Ivan was probably lucky to get out in the manner that he did. He never heard anything back from the cops, though they said they would investigate it, and he also pulled over to inform an actual state trooper as to what happened.

There's scary stuff out there on the roads at night. Be safe.