Practice during 24 Hours Of Le Mans got a bit wet Thursday night, sending the Audi R8 safety car into an out-of-control fishtail. Except by “out-of-control fishtail,” I really mean “perfectly controlled full-oppo drift.” It was epic.

According to numerous Tweets, the man behind the wheel of the slippery Audi R8 was Yannick Dalmas, four time Le Mans winner, a man who clearly knows how to keep a car from going into a wall. Check out the sweet drift below, along with the reaction from the Porsche team.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that this was done on purpose as a bit of an Audi PR stunt (you never know), but either way, that was a fine drift, as Mattzel89 communicates in his tweet:

Like a boss.

h/t: Road and Track