This Epic Lap Is Why People Watch NASCAR

When NASCAR just turns left, it can be the most boring thing in the world. But throw in some right handers, an oil leak, a close top three, and one lap to go, and it becomes one of the most epic motor racing moments you've ever seen.

This one lap at Watkins Glen had everything. There was oil leaking on the track. There were four lead changes. There were bent fenders. There were crashes. There were cars in the dirt. There were cars off the track.


It was a "holy shit" kind of moment. The sort of racing that rarely happens anymore.

But the best part? No penalties, no griping, no fights. It ended with two drivers rubbing and racing and congratulating each other. It even sounds great in French.

If this were F1, there would have been stewards inquiries and other BS. Sometimes NASCAR flat out rocks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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