This Elderly Driver Hit Something And Can't Remember What It Was

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"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" has become "Help, I've hit something and I can't remember what!" this week as police try to figure out what, or who an elderly driver hit.

Police pulled over an 81-year-old man when they saw his '97 Ford Taurus moving down the road erratically near a mall outside of Philadelphia. The man said he had become disoriented. Although he remembered hitting something, he couldn't remember what it was. The car's dented hood, smashed windshield and broken headlight led them to believe that he has tagged as pedestrian.

As police try to piece together what happened, they are on the lookout for anyone who may have seen the man's Blue Taurus in Marlton, New Jersey, near the Cherry Hill Mall on Tuesday. Aside from the dents and broken glass, the only clue they've found so far was some human hair stuck to part of the car. That's why they're currently picking through traffic camera videos and combing the nearby woods with cadaver dogs.


If ever there was a case for more thorough testing of elderly drivers before reissuing their drivers' licenses, this is it.

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Trunk Impaired 318

Some old people can drive, others not so much. My 77 year old grandfather was runner up (to me) in our SCCA regions fairly completive G-Stock Class with his Mazda 6 whereas lots of others his age can't pull in and out of their driveway. There really does need to be tests FOR EVERYBODY every so often to make sure they can still drive, regardless of age etc.